“These decisions have been extremely difficult for

//“These decisions have been extremely difficult for

“These decisions have been extremely difficult for

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Kim and mother Kris are shrewd businesswomen. They reportedly carved out a deal worth $18 million to allow television coverage of Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries in Montecito, California in 2011. That marriage lasted just 72 days though it’s not thought the Kardashians lost anything on it.

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The 1970s see a North Carolina town come under the mysterious and dark shadow of the American Civil War, when families and loyalties become strained by the vengeful spirits of the past and the dark and evil themes of the present day. When teenage Travis Shelton (Jeremy Irvine) leaves his parents to move in with an old acquaintance, he gets swept up in the plots left behind by a Civil War massacre. From there, he enters into the steadily dissolving world of a community turned against itself and he is tested by what it means to live, love and kill..

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